Vegetarian Tapas
2-Pan de Ajo y Tomate
Grilled bread with garlic and tomato

2-Pan de Ajo y Queso
Grilled bread with garlic and cheese

3-Aceitunas de la Casa GF
Marinated mixed olives with lemon and herbs

4-Pittas with Dips

Pitta breads with Hummus, Tzatziki and Salsa

5-Nachos GF

Served with cheese, jalapenos and a spicy tomato salsa

6-Judias y Garbanzos GF

Chickpeas and green beans slow cooked with tomatoes

7-Patatas Bravas GF
Potato cubes with a spicy tomato sauce

8-Patatas Fritas GF
Homemade chips

9-Champiñones al Ajillo GF
Mushrooms sautéed in garlic butter and white wine

10-Crispy Onion Rings
Crispy fried, served with garlic mayonnaise

11-Tortilla Española GF
Spanish omelette. Changes daily

12-Huevos Rancheros
(£1 extra) GF
Ratatouille topped with an egg and baked

14-Ensalada de Couscous
With diced vegetables, caraway carrots and chickpeas

15-Ensalada Mixta GF
Mixed Salad, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, peppers, etc

16-Ensalada Griega
(£1 extra) GF
Tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, olives, onions and Feta

18-Brie Frito
(£1 extra)
Deep fried Brie with red onion marmalade

19-Queso de Cabra
(£1 extra)
Grilled goat’s cheese, walnuts and Balsamic dressing

Seafood Tapas
20-Pimiento Relleno (£1 extra)
Sweet pepper filled with Paella, baked with cheese

(£1 extra) GF
Fresh steamed mussels in white wine garlic and cream

51-Mejillones con Tomate (£1 extra) GF
Fresh steamed mussels in spicy tomato

22-Salmón Cajún GF
In Cajun spices with slow cooked onions, balsamic

23-Calamares à la Romana
Squid in batter served with garlic mayonnaise

24-Gambas Pil Pil
(£2 extra) GF
Tiger prawns in garlic butter & chilies

54-Gambas Argelinas (£2 extra) GF
Tiger prawns in a spicy Algerian sauce

25-Gambas Gabardina
(£2 extra)
King prawns in crispy batter served with a tomato salsa

26-Sardinas à la plancha GF
Grilled Mediterranean Sardines

27-Salmón con Puerros GF
Salmon fillet with a creamy cheese sauce and leeks

28-Paella de Mariscos
(£1 extra) GF
Traditional Spanish rice with seafood and vegetables

29-Croquetas de Pescado
(£1 extra)
Breaded white fish with garlic mayonnaise


Meat Tapas
50-Pimiento Relleno (£1 extra) GF
Sweet pepper filled with meat paella. Baked with cheese

30-Chorizo al vino tinto (£1 extra) GF
Spicy sausage pan fried in red wine

31-Tostada de Sobrasada
Chorizo pâté grilled on toast with Manchego cheese

Meatballs in spicy tomato Sauce

33-Fabada Asturiana
Bean stew with Chorizo, pork and black pudding

34-Merguez Sausages
(£1 extra)
Spicy lamb sausages in a tomato sauce with Jalapenos

35-Paella de Carne (£2 extra)
Traditional rice with chicken, chorizo and peppers

36-Cordero en Salsa (£2 extra)
Slow cooked minted lamb

37-Chilli con Carne GF
Spicy beef chilli served with tortilla chips

38-Estofado de Ternera y Pimientos (£2 extra)
Slow cooked beef in a tomato sauce with peppers

39-Serrano y Manchego (£2 extra)
(Great for sharing)
Spanish Ham, cheese, olives, roasted corn kernels

Chicken Tapas
40-Pollo al Ajillo GF
Slices of chicken breast in garlic butter and wine

41-Hígado de Pollo al Jerez GF
Sautéed chicken livers with Sherry and orange

42-Pollo con Champiñones GF
Chicken with mushrooms in a creamy sauce

43-Pollo con Chorizo
(£1 extra)
Chicken in tomato sauce with Chorizo and peppers

45-Croquetas de Pollo
Chicken goujons served with garlic mayonnaise

46-Alitas de Pollo GF
Chicken wings with barbecue sauce

47-Pinchos de Pollo GF
Spicy chicken skewers with a mint yoghurt

Large Plates and Fajitas
The Fajitas are served on a hot skillet with onions and peppers, cheese, salsa, sour cream and tortillas.They may be served with less cajun spices


(£1 extra)

(£4 extra)

King Prawn
(£4 extra)

Chicken and Prawn Combo
(£4 extra)

Steak and Chicken Combo
(£4 extra)

Steak and Prawn Combo
(£4 extra)

Large Plates
The dishes below are served with potatoes and vegetables or homemade chips and salad

Pollo con Champiñones
Chicken with mushrooms in a creamy sauce

Pollo con Chorizo
Chicken in a tomato sauce with Chorizo and peppers

Salmon con Puerros
(£1 extra)
Salmon fillet in a creamy leek sauce

Salmon al Ajillo
(£1 extra)
In garlic butter, spring onions and white wine

Sirloin Steak
(£5 Extra)
Served plain with Mushrooms and Onion rings

Steak Mexicano
(£5 Extra)
Served with a spicy tomato sauce and Jalapenos

Steak Cabo Verde
(£5 extra)
Served with a creamy green peppercorn sauce

Side Portion of Mushrooms and Onion Rings £2