Casa Del Mar first opened its doors in January 2006 by well-known local businessman,
Krimo Bouabda. 

As with many things Krimo did, the restaurant grew from strength to strength
with the help of his loyal and hard working staff.

When Krimo decided it was time to hang up his apron in early 2017, Casa Del Mar
was entrusted to Head Chef and Manager (husband and wife), Chris and Laura .

Originally, Tapas were simply saucers placed on top of drinks
to prevent flies from wandering in.
As time went by, bar owners began offering free nibbles
such as almonds, cheese and olives to accompany drinks.

Most Mediterranean countries have their own traditional “tapas”.
Meze from Greece to the Middle East, Antipasto in Italy,
Hors d’Oeuvres in France, Kemia in North Africa, Petiscos in Portugal...

Here, at Casa del Mar we offer a great variety of Mediterranean specialities
for everyone to share and enjoy this unique type of communal dining.

We suggest that diners select 3 to 4 tapas each,
ending up with a delicious variety of dishes to share.